Hiding Your Caches

Please plan ahead.  See the Submission Deadline section, below, for details.

CCARS15 Caches

You’re quite welcome to search for all the caches without having hidden any of them. Our goal is fun for everyone! Some may enjoy creating caches, some the road rally that ensues. Others may be multi-talented and wish to participate in all ways.

If you do want to hide one or more caches, then you’ll have the grateful appreciation of your fellow geocachers. The outstanding caches that folks place for this event are special treats for those of us who will search for them during the weekend’s finding frenzy (and later). Without all these wonderful hides, there would be no event!

We encourage everyone to put extra thought and creativity into their hides. Please don’t just stick a micro in a spruce tree and walk away. Instead, place a cache that you would be excited to find!

If you want some hiding assistance, then feel free to contact any of the organizers for helpful advice.

And if you’re thinking about leaving an FTF prize in your cache, then why not make it a CCAR geocoin? It’s a fine collectable and an excellent gift.

Some Basic Rules

1. You must assign each of your caches to one of the categories listed here. If you have trouble fitting a cache into one of these categories, then you can assign it to the “Don’t Judge Me” category. This category is also for those who do not wish to have their hides entered into the competition for best caches.

2. Your cache’s log should be able to hold at least 100 names. If not, then you should be willing to check on it and possibly replace the log during the Cache and Release weekend.

3. Place all your Cache and Release caches within 40 kilometres of the Calgary Tower (N51 02.658 W114 03.786):

CCARS14 hiding radius

Cache Listing Page

Here are three more rules, all related to your cache listing page.

1. Be sure your cache name starts with CCARS15, as in CCARS15 – A Great View. Since all the caches will include CCARS15, performing an online search for them will be easy. 

2. In your cache listing Step 4’s “Cache Summary” text box (or the old version’s “Short Description” box), copy-and-paste the following message:

This cache has been placed for the CCARS15 event, held April 25-26, 2015. It should not be found prior to 10:00am on Saturday 25th April, 2015. Caches for the CCARS15 event are published early so the geocaching community can plan their search routes before the event starts.

Alternatively, you can click the “Source” button in the “Cache Summary” text box and copy-and-paste the following HTML code:

<img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/hidericon.png" />

Adding the above HTML code will cause the following image to appear near the top of your cache listing page. After the event is over, we’ll change this image to something more appropriate. So, you won’t have to worry about editing your listing page.

3. Based on the category descriptions (see this page), you should know the category to which you’ll assign your cache. Do this by adding one (and only one) category to your cache listing page. From the choices below, copy-and-paste the appropriate text or HTML source code into your cache listing’s “Cache Summary” text box (or the old version’s “Short Description” box). Note: Only the HTML source code will cause the category image to appear on your cache listing page.

Text: This cache is entered in the "Field Puzzle" category.
HTML: <img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/Field.png" />

Text: This cache is entered in the "Peanut Butter Jar" category.
HTML: <img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/PB_Jar.png" />

Text: This cache is entered in the "Urban Small" category.
HTML: <img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/Urban.png" />

Text: This cache is entered in the "Rural Regular" category.
HTML: <img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/Rural.png" />

Text: This cache is entered in the "Flashlight Vital" category.
HTML: <img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/Flashlight.png" />

Text: This cache is entered in the "Don't Judge Me" category.
HTML: <img src="http://ccar.calgarycachers.ca/category_icons/ccars15/Dont_Judge.png" />

While not a requirement, please consider including some interesting information on your cache listing page. Why did you place a cache in this particular location? Is there a great view? Interesting artwork nearby? A personal connection? What kind of wildlife might we spot? Perhaps you could upload a photograph and add it to your description.

Location Check

Have you found a perfect spot for your particular cache? How can you be sure it isn’t too close to a puzzle cache, a multi-cache, or another CCARS15 cache? Ask a resourceful Volunteer Reviewer to do a “Location Check.”

First, create a basic cache listing page. It doesn’t need a fancy description, but it must have your chosen coordinates. Then, copy-and-paste the following message into Step 6’s “Dear Reviewer” text box (or the old version’s “Note to Reviewer” box) and submit your cache for a preliminary review:

Could you perform a Location Check for this cache? If this location is acceptable, then please reserve it until (25th April, 2015). I'll also need you to disable this unfinished cache page.

If all goes well, then the location will be yours — as long as you don’t change the cache’s coordinates. And you’ll still have time to prepare your cache container and write a great listing page. After everything’s ready, submit your cache page for its final review on or before the final review date (see below).

Submission Deadline

Plan ahead, because you must place your cache(s) and submit your finalized cache listing page(s) to the Volunteer Reviewer on or before 13th April, 2015 (the final review date). With so many caches being released at once, the reviewer needs enough time to handle the huge workload. Please don’t make their tough job any harder.

When you submit a finalized cache listing page, copy-and-paste the following reminder into Step 6’s “Dear Reviewer” text box (or the old version’s “Note to Reviewer” box):

This cache is placed for the CCARS15 event on April 25-26, 2015. Please release it with the other CCARS15 caches: Puzzle caches on Monday 20th April, 2015 and all other cache types on Wednesday 22nd April, 2015.

After the reviewer determines that your cache is publishable, they’ll lock your listing page and you’ll be unable to edit it until after it’s published. If you have an important reason to make a change (e.g., incorrect coordinates), then you can contact the reviewer and ask them to unlock your listing page.


We’ll also present the GPS Central Traveling Trophy to the hider of the Best Overall Cache.

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