Calgary Cache and Release Spring 2016

Welcome to Cache and Release!

The Calgary Cache and Release events are a fun-filled geocaching extravaganza that is free for all to attend! Geocachers old, wizened and new-alike are all welcome to attend. Those who have never attended a Calgary Cache and Release event before will be welcomed. There is something for everyone at our events and we look forward to making new friends as we geocache together!

Our next Cache and Release weekend, CCARS16, will be held on June 3,4 & 5, 2016.

If you have questions about Cache and Release you are welcome to contact us here.

Calgary Area Cachers

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Passport / Map

Passports are ready with the cache lists! There will be copies at the Saturday Morning Kickoff, but feel free to make your own!
(if you print your own: Double sided, Flip on Short Side seems to work)
CCARS16 Passport


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Our Sponsors

These events are enhanced by the support of our sponsors, donors and from the combined fundraising efforts of Calgary Area Cachers!

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